WinWin gives users the chance to win prizes in multiple ways.

Staking WIN – Earns a base yield of more WIN token and other assets – Provides the chance to win prizes of other popular PulseChain assets

Staking other assets – Earns base yield in their respective staking reward (see 'Yield' page for examples) – Provides the chance to win big prizes in these same staking rewards

Prize Breakdown

Stakers are eligible to win prizes 'monthly' (every 30 days). This breakdown applies to all staking pools (i.e. WIN and other assets).

1st Prize – 1 Staker wins 60% of the prize pool 2nd Prize – 1 Staker wins 9% of the prize pool 3rd Prize – 1 Staker win 6% of the prize pool 4th Prize – 1 Staker wins 3% of the prize pool 5th Prize – 1 Staker wins 1% of the prize pool

The remainder of the prize pool is then allocated so that every staker in a given pool wins a prize every draw.

How are the prizes generated and the draws allocated?

Yield is earned through the staking of popular assets via the WinWin smart contracts. 60% of this yield is allocated for 'monthly' prize draws (every 30 days).

How are winners selected?

A randomisation process will select the lucky winners based on probability, determined by their percentage of tokens in the staking pool.

Example: User A has 10% of the staked token pool - 1 in 10 chance of winning User B has .5% of the staked token pool - 1 in 200 chance of winning

Can I win multiple prizes per draw?

No, each unique wallet address can only win one prize per draw.

Do winners need to claim their prize?

Winners of prizes 1-5 are not required to claim their prizes – they are sent to their wallets automatically.

Winners of all other prizes do need to claim their prize.

When are prizes drawn?

• Every 30 days post-launch of relevant smart contract at 11:59pm UTC

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