APY = Annual Percentage Yield (APY), is the annual compounded return, expressed in percentages. It is calculated by earning yield on the initial amount deposited, as well as on the yield accrued on this amount. In other words, one earns yield on yield, also known as compounding yield.

Burn = 1% of WIN token's daily yield is sent to an address from where it can be burned.

Deflationary = WIN token will be launched with a set supply. Over time, this supply will decrease thanks to token burning.

Draw = Prizes are drawn every 30 days.

Early End Stake penalty = If Stakers remove their tokens from any WinWin pool within 30 full days, they miss out on the yield that they would have earned, and are unable to claim any prizes they may have won within this period.

Pool = When users of the protocol stake their tokens, they enter a pool where they enjoy daily yield and a fair chance to win prizes.

Prizes = Prizes are in the form of popular PulseChain assets. Prizes are drawn every 30 days.

Rewards schedule = WIN token is released daily as a reward to WIN Stakers. The rate at which WIN is released decreases gradually over time, benefiting early adopters.

WIN = The native token of the WinWin protocol. WIN can be staked, and daily yield is generated from staked WIN.

Yield = WIN token’s yield is determined according to a rewards schedule, where tokens are released over a defined time period. Separate smart contracts could also be added in the future that would allow other popular, yield-bearing PulseChain assets to be staked via WinWin.

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