WinWin Knowledge Base


These will be updated as the project evolves, so watch this space 👀
Is this a fork of anything? No.
Will WIN have admin keys? No.
Will the project be audited before launch? Yes, of course.
Is the team doxxed? No, but we are known community members. We may dox in the future.
Will the team win prizes? No, team members' addresses are deliberately blacklisted from winning prizes.
Total token supply? There will be a fixed maximum total token supply which could decrease over time if token burning were to occur.
Where does the yield come from? With the exception of WIN token, which is released according to defined reward schedule that decreases over time, yield comes from the native yield-bearing mechanism of a given token. For example, yield from staking LOAN comes from the Liquid Loans LOAN staking pool.
Who are your devs? Have you got code? We have recruited the services of the highly-regarded team at Rapid Innovation to complete our dev work. WinWin is currently running on PulseChain testnet V2B but it's not quite polished enough to be seen by the public yet. Soon!
What assets could you add in the future? Separate smart contracts for popular PulseChain tokens like LOAN, MINT, WATT, USDL, etc. could be created. These smart contracts would utilise the tokens' native yield-bearing mechanisms. This would only ever be done for tokens/protocols that had proven themselves to be rock-solid and consistently profitable.
How often can users win prizes? Roughly 1 in 3 users will win a prize every draw. Note there is only one 1st prize winner per draw, and the draws are every 30 days (sometimes referred to as 'monthly', but 30 days is more accurate).
Are there any fees or taxes? The WinWin protocol has no fees or taxes. However, depositing and claiming will require PLS for gas, of course.
Are there any penalties? If you remove your tokens from any WinWin pool within 30 full days, you forfeit any yield earned and any prizes you may have won within this period. You do not lose any of your principal. EES penalties apply to all staked assets.
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