Welcome to WinWin

This Knowledge Base has been compiled with as much information as can comfortably be shared at this time – it will be updated as the project evolves. You should have no expectations of anything.

WinWin is an exciting new DeFi savings protocol under development for PulseChain.

WinWin will give everyone a fair chance of regularly winning prizes without risking their tokens, all while generating a healthy APY that compounds automatically.

Why WinWin?

Billions of people around the world are facing record living costs and finding it more difficult than ever to grow their savings. Sadly, research also shows many people aren’t ready for retirement with next to no savings set aside to fund their lifestyle.

To make saving easier, WinWin has been designed to be a fair, ethical and fun way to build savings and win prizes – without ever risking your principal.

What do you mean by fair?

With WinWin, your chance of winning is directly proportionate to your size in the pool. It’s that simple.

Each unique wallet address can only win one prize per draw.

Team members' wallets are blacklisted from winning prizes.

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